The Science of Metabolism

Yet metabolism – a complex sequence of controlled biochemical reactions that underpins life at the cellular level — lies at the heart of numerous diseases. Cells with overactive metabolic states can excessively proliferate, such as cancerous tumors. Quiescent cells with depressed metabolism don’t proliferate, often with dire clinical implications.

Yet despite our knowledge of the individual biochemical pathways involved in metabolism, modifying metabolism as a tool to treat disease hasn’t progressed in decades.

A Fundamentally New Approach to Disease

Comet, through its MetaSwitch™ Platform, is advancing a fundamentally new approach to treating disease.

Therapeutics typically work by stopping processes from happening in the body. For instance, certain cancers can be halted by blocking receptors for growth factors that spur tumor development. Comet, instead, is creating natural and novel metabolites that alter cells’ energy sources.

Building on long-established science, Comet’s metabolic switches hold the potential to influence processes at the cellular level. Restoring normal metabolism restores health.

Virtually Unlimited Potential

Comet’s experimental treatments are orally available. They have been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier. And as pro-drugs that are converted to metabolically active compounds within cells, they promise more favorable side effect profiles than traditional treatment modalities.

Moreover, the MetaSwitch™ Platform exploits all metabolic functions: energy production; synthesis of proteins, fats and sugars; and long-distance signaling within the body. That makes Comet’s approach unusually versatile.

Comet believes restoring health should be as easy as flipping a switch.

Areas of Exploration

Metabolic Switches are an unusually versatile new treatment modality with potential applicability throughout the body.